Case Study: Semper Secure, LLC

Learn how Semper Secure, LLC stopped wasting time and increased new clients by 50% with CuroShift

Semper Secure Overview

Semper Secure, LLC is a veteran owned and operated event staffing company that offers superior and reliable staffing for special events. Their staff is mainly comprised of retired police officers, as well as former and current members of the United States Armed Forces.

The company was looking for a workforce management platform to help them reduce inefficient time spent on managing timecards and fixing timecard errors. Using CuroShift, Semper Secure, LLC was able to focus time gained on business development and operational excellence.

  • Semper Secure, LLC reduced hours spent on timecard management by 98%
  • The company increased clients by 50%
  • They also reduced new manager onboarding to their workforce management platform to less than a day

“Without it [CuroShift], I would not be as nearly as profitable as I am. I would not be able to take on more fulltime employees and I would not be able to gain the clientele that I gained.”

Shane Camardo, Owner/Founder

Speedbumps to Growth

Semper Secure, LLC was having a problem with efficiency. The company was spending too many operating hours on employee timecards, instead of being able to focus on sourcing and meeting new clients. This impeded on the company’s progression in increasing profits, clients, and employee efficiency. They were spending so much time fixing issues in their old workforce management system that they were unable to take care of employees, which also impacted the quality of service they were providing their clients.

The CuroShift Solution

The CuroShift platform gave Semper Secure, LLC a more efficient way to manage the organization’s timecards, which helped to decrease time spent in timecard management and increased time spent on expanding the company. CuroShift made the tasks simpler and easier to execute, leading to the company gaining back the time they were wasting on fixing issues with timecards and scheduling.

“Efficiency was such a problem before CuroShift… It amounted to over 5 hours of just [fixing] timecard errors… Now it takes me 2 mins while I’m sipping coffee in the morning to fix these issues.”

Shane Camardo, Owner/Founder

The efficiency CuroShift gave to Semper Secure, LLC was not limited to timecard management. The company found the platform so easy and intuitive to use that they were able to train management staff in under a day and event staff in under 5 minutes. This was especially impactful for Semper Secure, LLC since the turnaround from contract to staffing to event date was generally so short that they needed new employees and clients in the system and onboarded as fast as possible for scheduling and billing.

Making the Switch to Growth

Choosing to switch to a new workforce management platform was not an easy decision for owner, Shane Carmardo. Shane didn’t want to deal with what it would take to onboard onto another platform but found the CuroShift onboarding process easy and efficient. The onboarding specialists at CuroShift were able to take all of Semper Secure, LLC’s data and upload it into the CuroShift system for him, all he had to do fill out a simple spreadsheet, which took 10 minutes.

With the help of CuroShift, Shane was able to free his time from dealing with system issues and focus on performing activities that led to a 50% increase in new clients.

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